Monday, February 4, 2013

New Year's Resolution - Exercise More!

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to EXERCISE MORE!

This really should not be a difficult one for me to accomplish because pretty much if I exercise at all I will be doing more than I have been recently!

I have never been one that really enjoys "organized exercise".  I prefer to play a sport where I get exercise but am having fun, but also reaping the health benefits and I don't realize it!  :)

Now, while I am at a Soccer field for what seems like just about every waking moment, I get little to no health benefit from being a spectator.   To accomplish my goal I must actually move!

I was recently at a dinner where the topic was the benefit of exercise to a patient with MS.  With limitations on what we can do physically, sometimes it is a challenge to come up with an exercise routine that is both feasible and fun.

Initially after my diagnosis, once I was able to walk better, I enrolled in a Zumba class.  It sounded ambitious to me at the time but my daughter encouraged me and went with me while she was home on a school break.  I was not able to do all of the moves (especially at first).  However, as time went on, it helped me tremendously in regaining not only my strength, but balance and stamina as well.

As summer wore on, it became consistently too hot at the gym where the Zumba class was held and the risks outweighed the benefits, so I switched to water aerobics.  I loved it and was able to maintain a more consistent body temperature while exercising.  Water aerobics lasted through September (I think) and then with the rush of school starting and getting back into that routine any semblance of an exercise schedule for myself got left by the wayside!

My goal is to find several activities that I can do several times a week so that I neither get bored, nor physically strained.

My list for now consists of the following:
  • Walking in the neighborhood (weather permitting).
  • Zumba (at home on DVD, with my own thermostat!)
  • Water aerobics when it resumes for the year.
What are you doing?