Friday, September 2, 2011

The Mysteries of MS and What You Can Do About It

Multiple Sclerosis is a mysterious disease.  There is no known cause, no known cure, and no known concrete trigger for manifestation.  There seems to be a genetic link and there are a variety of suspected environmental, dietary, stress related and/or viral triggering factors.  MS affects every individual differently with variances not only in symptomatology and degree of debilitation but also rate of progression.  With all of the questions associated with the disease it is no wonder that the general population is so uninformed or misinformed about it despite the tremendous efforts by the National MS Society to educate people and raise awareness. 

Treatment options that were nonexistent fifteen to twenty years ago have been developed and have proven statistically to slow the progression and in many cases severe debilitation that has historically been associated with multiple sclerosis and offer hope to those diagnosed.   Statistics though, are about numbers and MS is about human beings.  Human beings have feelings, jobs, friends, families, homes to maintain, LIVES TO LIVE!  Aside from research for drug development, The National MS Society also provides information, support and services to diagnosed individuals and their families and caregivers to aid in all aspects of this disease. 

If you have the opportunity please participate in an MS Movement Opportunity in your area to help raise awareness and funding.  We have joined the 2011 Walk MS: The Woodlands taking place October 22 to help support the National MS Society and everything they do for the multiple sclerosis population.  If you would like to join our team or make a donation, please click the link below: