Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hot Summer Temperatures and Multiple Sclerosis

Wheew!  It sure is hot!  I have read over and over that heat is especially difficult on those of us with MS.  I am not sure really how it affects me yet.  I know I have been especially “overwhelmed” feeling lately.  However, I honestly don’t know anyone that is enjoying the extreme heat we are currently experiencing in East Texas.  If I have had a choice this summer, I have avoided being out in it.   Normally I enjoy the warmer weather and being outside, but this year I have been indoors almost all summer and at this point I have a bad case of cabin fever.  I am ready for some cooler weather and an opportunity to play in the great outdoors a little while! 

The National MS Society has an interesting little webpage about Heat & Temperature Sensitivity that says historically physicians used “The Hot Bath Test” to help diagnose multiple sclerosis.  
People were submerged in a hot bath and if they developed neurological symptoms or if symptoms they had already been having worsened it was determined that they had MS.  Sounds a lot cheaper than an MRI!   

I am curious how the heat affects other people with MS and how they cope.   Please tell!