Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot Days and Cooling.....Vests, Tops, Tanks?! What's A Girl To Do?

The dog days of summer are upon us.  I have always been a summertime girl.  I like the outdoors, water sports and sunshine; and in the past, yes, even the heat.  Now, not so much and August heat in Texas, even in my better days, could prove rough.  

Heat intolerance plagues many of us with Multiple Sclerosis.  I was not really sure that I was susceptible to this particular symptom until pretty recently.  Last year’s excessive heat and drought in our area kept me, and everyone else with a choice, in the nice comfy air conditioning (and possibly in denial) more than I realized. 

This year when I have ventured out I have noticed the symptoms set in that I have never recognized before.  Symptoms that I had however experienced with hot tubs (yes, I have avoided those for years – I like the bubbles but leave OFF the heat please!). 

  • I become physically drained or “heavy”.
  • I become dizzy
  • My vision becomes “narrowed”.
  • I feel just overall yucky! 

Thankfully these symptoms abate after I am able to cool off and return to a normal temperature!

So my goal now is to figure out how to deal with the heat without having to become a hermit and hide inside during what formerly was my favorite time of the year.  One thing I have heard of was wearing a cooling vest to keep your core body temperature down while outside.  Last night I Googled “cooling vest” and received a long list of results featuring a myriad of colors in the latest in what I am have begun calling “road crew construction fashion”! 

Now, I am not really a slave to fashion but I am hunting for something a little more feminine that I can walk around downtown on The Square and peruse the windows in the antique stores without feeling like I am going to fall out.  After what seems like hours of searching online I have found the following few options that I am going to give a try.    

This one for sure
and one of these too only in women's, of course.......
and while I'm at it maybe a dress or two......   :)

They have special material that produces a cooling effect when moistened (aka you sweat in them).   They don’t promise the same results as the cooling vests but they do seem like a viable option for most of what I am looking for. 

I will let you know how they work and if you have any suggestions or have already tried some of them please let me know!