Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cool As A Cucumber!

Yes, yes! I have ordered and received two shirts that are made with a relatively new material that activates a cooling sensation when moistened. I am super excited to try them!

In the meantime however I have discovered a wonderful little "evaporation towel" called Chilly Pad by Frogg Toggs. It is pretty terrific and as a matter of fact I am using one right this minute!

Today we are attending a soccer event. I didn't wear one of my new cooling shirts because this one is at an indoor facility. As an afterthought though, I did grab my new Chilly Pad as we walked out the door this morning. I am so glad that I did!

As the day has worn on and the hot Texas sun has beat down on this place it has warmed up inside. I have my Chilly Pad draped across the back of my chair and it is perfect for keeping me cool while watching the kids work on their skills!

I discovered my exciting new find based on a tip from a new acquaintance I met at a recent MS program hosted by Shared Solutions. She had one and passed it around for all to feel. She uses hers draped across the back of her wheelchair to help her keep cool.

I found mine at Wal-Mart in the hunting section.  I couldn't find it on my own but when I asked the young lady working in the department, she took me right to them. 

They are also available online on a number of sites or
 you can get one by clicking here -->   

I definitely recommend them!