Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year's Resolution - Time Management

I have been doing pretty well with my time management goal lately.

However, I have realized I only have a certain amount of control over my own time. I can MANAGE all I want, but I am only able to carry out so much, regardless of what I have allotted for any particular time.  Even if I have allowed for rest, breaks, unforeseen circumstances, sometimes I am just not able to make it all work out the way I (originally) thought it should.

So really what my my resolution should be on this topic is to not be so hard on myself about not being able to do it all.

I recently skipped TWO soccer games.  One game each, of my son and one of my daughter.  Skipping a game is not something I do.  I make an effort to be at all of their events.  I am not able to always do this but I manage to get most of them.  These particular games were the same night in two different towns in opposite directions from each other.  On paper, I could have made it to the first half of my son's game and the last half of my daughter's game.  We had been to several games (preseason scrimmage) already that week.  The weather had been terrible - cold, windy and wet at all the previous games.  I was tired.  I should have been tired anyway and then the MS tired hit and hit hard.  I couldn't do a thing about it but stop!   That MS tired did not care a thing about what was written in my calendar.   I felt guilty and I felt sad that I was missing out on their games.

Funny thing is that the kids were fine.  They know I am their biggest fan, on and off the field.  When my son got home (he drives), he was surprised I hadn't been there.  He said, "I was pretty sure I saw you in the stands!"   We all had our usual post game talks about who did what, and how they felt about it, and what they needed to work on.  No one made me feel badly about me not being there but me!

So I am releasing the guilt!  I am going to keep trying and when I can't go anymore, well.... I will go to plan B, or C, or even better, no plan and just roll with it!  Everyone have a great day and just keep, keeping on!