Wednesday, June 13, 2012

a, b, c, D……my new favorite letter! Are you struggling with MS Fatigue?

D3 to be exact!

I have for years been suffering from sometimes debilitating fatigue.  Over the course of my life it has been chalked up to a variety of causes:
  • Busy lifestyle.
  • Anemia.
  • Depression.
  • Low blood pressure.
It has always been frustrating to me because there never seemed to be a consistent rhyme or reason for my fatigue.

It is true I led/lead a busy lifestyle.  I have several children, have always been employed and/or attending school and am involved in or with various clubs and organizations.

Blood work has rarely, if ever shown me to actually be anemic, when it has actually coincided with my bouts of fatigue it has always been referred to as "borderline".

I have never felt like depression was causing my fatigue because I have not experience the other symptoms often related to depression.

My blood pressure is pretty consistent and has always been on the low side.   It does not fluctuate with my fatigue level.

 Possibly, occasionally, some of these factors contributed to a certain level of fatigue in my case.  However, I feel like the fatigue that would send me to the doctor every few years was what is now known to me as MS Fatigue.

The fatigue that I formerly experienced on occasion now has become a daily burden that I must stay diligent to keep at bay.

Since being diagnosed I have learned several ways to help cope with MS Fatigue.  First and foremost is for me to take care of myself.  I have had to learn to not be afraid to say no to or postpone obligations in order to allow myself to maintain an adequate amount of rest.

Exercise also helps keep up my energy level.  However, I do have to be careful not to get too hot because getting my "core temperature" elevated increases my fatigue.

I also have started taking my Vitamin D3 religiously!  I have noticed a measurable increase in my fatigue level when I forget to maintain a regular daily dose of D3 in my diet.

What coping strategies have worked for your MS fatigue?